Film: “A Conversation” (2012) (5 mins.)

A coming-of-age tale of boy sees girl.

Starring college mates, shot by a good friend of mine Najeeb Khalid, and directed and edited by me, the film was completed in under a week on a zero budget. Maitreya Mer plays a teenage boy who, while waiting for a bus, has “a conversation” with a girl on the other side of the road (Sandhya Visvanathan).

It’s a first for me in many ways: First script, first team effort, first non-fancy-visual-effects movie, first high definition film (shot with a Canon 60D).

41 thoughts on “Film: “A Conversation” (2012) (5 mins.)”

    1. Oh, so THAT’s what happened! Thank you so much for letting me know. I was wondering where the comments and hits were coming from.

      Do follow the blog. I’ll be working on and uploading new films soon.

  1. The juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary and, the placement of the girl and the boy on different sides of the street creates so many layers of meaning. The use of voice as “environment” rather than as dialogue, and the nonvocal communication – without saying anything, the characters say so much. Although some scenes are “accidental” (fortuitous), your choice to keep them in the film when editing was a conscious and artistic choice. Beautiful.

  2. instantaneously strikes a chord.
    it happens all the time in our lives and we just forget it!

    very beautifully captured emotion krishna, not to forget the title as well.

    cheers :)

  3. You had dialogue for background music, and yes there was the diamonds are forever ringtone!! Their conversation which never really started… but had more connection than the girl on the phone
    his finger switching between end and answer. And to leave the story there! hanging!!

  4. Waiting on the next short from a very talented and humble director. You are going to be so fun to watch. Thank you for sharing…………

  5. Beautiful tone mate… and the whole thing looks simply stunning. I would kill for natural light like that! Did you do anything with it post production or is that the real deal? What time of day was it shot?

    Sandhya Visvanathan (“the girl”) is an absolute natural as far as I’m concerned! A quiet Intensity, bags of charisma, the super rare quality of understatement in front of the camera… and perhaps most important of all, believability!

    Whoever decided to throw in that little smile when he gets busted with the camera was a genius… and it was executed perfectly by Visvanathan. Really added the “chemistry” narrative…

    Thanks for posting mate! Good luck with the career… we need more film-makers with a sensitivity for capturing the “smaller moments.”

    1. Hello there.

      First of all, thanks! That is very generous of you.

      Second, the answer to your question is yes and no. While it is 90% natural lighting (we shot on a good day–Bangalore, at around that time, was usually cloudy), I also tinkered with the footage in post, though not nearly as much as I have in past films. I gave the whole film a warmer wash.

      Third, ABSOLUTELY. I think Sandhya is what really makes the film work. It was all unplanned, actually, her acting in this, but I had an image of someone like her in mind as I wrote the screenplay. It wasn’t the charisma that I wanted so much as the somethingness that’s hidden in her eyes. There’s a wisdom–no, a knowingness. No. I dunno what it is. Never mind.

      And the smile when he got busted was nothing but clever editing. I think the acting and the understatement was all the actors, but the “interaction” was mainly in the editing. It was all a happy accident!

      Again, thank you. I aim to capture the smaller moments again, and maybe I could do so in bigger films someday. I appreciate your acknowledgment of the sensitivity. :)

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