Book: “Follow That Crow!” (2012)

Prakash’s toy monkey, Moki, is taken from him by a crow. How far can Prakash go to rescue his only friend in the world?

A storybook I made for a project at college, the Storybook Lab. Our aim is to re-evaluate stereotypical notions of creating content for children who go to government and budget-private schools, and to design a collection of well-crafted storybooks that make the experience of reading enjoyable and meaningful.

The illustrations are pencil drawings which were scanned and then digitally colored.

For concept art, character designs, style experiments, et al, click here.

“It’s beautiful! Lovely story, and it looks great. Congratulations.”
          – Nina Paley, maker of “Sita Sings the Blues”

“This book is inspired. You are going places.”
          – Roger Ebert, Pulitzer Prize winning writer

5 thoughts on “Book: “Follow That Crow!” (2012)”

  1. Beautiful drawings and colors caught my attention as I perused this piece.

    From the characters that you have drawn this material seems to be suitable for 1 to 8 years old. Early childhood is very tender. Being ambitious, about looking for something that you have lost and accepting failure is easier as a child matures into a teenager. Losing Moki is not a typical disney ending either :(. As a parent,who has read and written unpublished stories I feel that this story needs a makeover in the interest of a stronger lesson for the reader that it is always about the journey in pursuit of your happiness and “hope” be a part of it.

    I wish you the very best!

    1. From experience, I believe that loss is a hard thing to deal with, and I imagine children might find it harder yet.

      I just wanted to create a story for children that helps them understand that letting go is sometimes necessary, and that things will be alright even when you’ve lost someone or something you’ve lost.

      I’m glad you’ve picked up, and moreover pointed out, the themes and ideas from my story. Thank you so much.

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