Film: My Homages to Ray Harryhausen (Age: 9 to 19)

A compilation of some of my attempts at stop-motion animation and other special effects, from when I was 9 to 19, inspired by the work of special effects wizard Ray Harryhausen, who died March 7th at 92.

While many filmmakers brought me into film, Harryhausen was the first to bring me behind the scenes. He has left us a great deal of inspiration, and will continue to have a profound influence on anyone who has the good fortune to come across his work.

This video accompanies an article I wrote for the Far-Flungers section of In it, I write about Ray Harryhausen’s distinguished career, how it has influenced the film world and how it has made an impact on me and my life. I also write a little more about the clips in the video above.

5 thoughts on “Film: My Homages to Ray Harryhausen (Age: 9 to 19)”

    1. Oh, how horrible of me. I usually never forget to credit the artists in the video, or at least in the description. Will add it there right away.

      It’s “Oh, And One More Thing,” a track from Jon Brion’s score for the great stop-motion animated film, “ParaNorman.”

  1. Thanks a lot! And don’t worry: In a world of intended or “meh, don’t care” omissions an accidental omission is certainly not “horrible” or anything close.

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