Animation: Quick, 30-Second Experiments

Just to keep myself occupied this summer, I’ve been occasionally trying my hand(s) at animation. Both these clips are simply quick experiments–I had no idea what I wanted to end up with when I started, which is pretty evident. I was just having fun animating stuff.

The first is a stop-motion animation test. I spent exactly 35 minutes animating and about the same amount of time putting it all together. (Click here for more stop-motion.)



The second is a piece of 2-D animation. Now this one, I really had no idea what I was doing.  I began with some bizarre Pokemon-esque reptile and went to cell division and trees growing and all kinds of weird places. All in a day’s work.



I dunno. I hope to do something more substantial and meaningful this summer, but these were just fun.

4 thoughts on “Animation: Quick, 30-Second Experiments”

      1. Yes, I think so, too, if only because I made an inference from a very similar situtaion in Aliens, where the Alien queen teared itself apart in a sorta-kinda similar manner to your monster (this is the weak point of my analogy, I know; in fact, I didn’t fully grasp the anatomy of your monster – more research is required with regard to this point) to chase Ripley. Unfortunately, we will never know for sure as you failed to follow the two with the camera, what a shame!

  1. I like the idea of using animation for titles for a movie. The ones you made are interesting even if they were only done as an experiment. The drawing in the 3rd one, with the tessellation was my favorite–very organic movement.

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