Music: “Welling”


It’s not really finished, but I suspect it won’t ever be. A piece of music I’ve been working on over the last few days. My attempt to make realistic (sort of) orchestral compositions digitally, because orchestras are hard to come by.

One thought on “Music: “Welling””

  1. Your music makes all the crazy places and ‘lands’ in my head seem more alive and wonderful. For some reason most of your music, including ‘Wreck-it…’ gives me a sense of adventure and wonder, whether it’s the happy chirpy kind or the sadder or more lonesome sense of awe.

    The original track was something quite different. It was simple track with a very sweet … rawness about it.
    This one does’nt really have that though. Meh … maybe it’s just me.

    But I like them both equally for different reasons. :)

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