Photography: People (Bangalore III)

People photographed in Bangalore.

Shot with a Canon EOS 600D. All pictures clicked between 26th August and 7th September 2013.

In those two weeks of intense photography, in which I clicked hundreds and hundreds of pictures, I decided I would ask permission of my “subjects” before I clicked them whenever I could.

Also, I was careful with my camera settings; these photos either have very minimal post-production or none. This is an attempt to make my film-making/photography less reliant on post work and more based on deliberate production.

3 thoughts on “Photography: People (Bangalore III)”

  1. BEAUTIFUL! My parents came from Bangalore to the US and I visit Bangalore every year to visit relatives, and these are wonderful pictures! Definitely sums up my experience of Bangalore over the many years I have visited it. Great work! :D

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