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I’m Krishna Bala Shenoi, a 21-year-old Indian artist who enjoys making things–illustrations, short films, animation, music, picture books, and other things. Actually, I’d say I’m more of a thing-maker than an artist, but artist sounds more impressive.

My passion for making things and enjoying things by others began early on, when my mother introduced to me some of the greatest movies I have ever watched, like “Superman,” “Back to the Future,” and “Close Encounters.” Inspired by the films I saw back then, when I was 7 or 8, I began to make short films with an old camcorder, building blocks, clay models, and whatever I could find, employing very amateurish stop-motion animation techniques and misusing the kindness of my cousins by forcing them to star in my productions.

Today, I’m doing other stuff along the same lines–like I said, making things. Aside from personal work, ranging from short films and animations to books and paintings (a lot of which you can find on this blog), I’ve created images for websites based around the world and illustrated a children’s book that’s being published by Tulika Publishers (with some more on the way, hopefully).

I occasionally write for RogerEbert.com as their foreign correspondent from India (and I need to do so more frequently, dammit) and illustrate for them as well. A couple of YouTube videos of mine have “gone viral,” with the most successful one sitting at 5.8 million views as I write this. Also, and this is a sentence that I still cannot believe I’m typing, a short animation of my mine caught the attention of Steven Spielberg, who wrote me a handwritten letter of appreciation. Gosh.

So yeah. I’ve been extremely lucky. And I’ve been gifted with the most encouraging family and friends, who’ve just been great. I feel almost exhausted by the idea of writing about how much they’ve helped me, so I’ll do that later. Hint: They helped a lot.

I graduated from Srishti Insitute of Art, Design and Technology (Bangalore) with commendation, getting a professional diploma in Animation. What happens now, I don’t know. But I’m kinda excited to find out. And also really terrified. But we’ll see.

Do comment on anything you find here if you have something to say, and do share my work with your friends if you think it’s worth sharing.

Live long and prosper!

Krishna Bala Shenoi

Page at RogerEbert.com
E-mail Krishna at krishnabalashenoi@outlook.com

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“Krishna Shenoi is surely one of the most gifted young filmmakers and writers on the internet. I have a good feeling about Krishna. Remember his name. I suspect you may hear it again. A born filmmaker, a prize product of the generation born into a world of video cameras. Could be the next Spielberg.”

Roger Ebert

“I’ll be looking out at the horizon to see where next you will emerge– and impress.”

Steven Spielberg

“It sounds corny, but when I meet young people like Krishna, it gives me such hope for the world! Smart, aware, engaged, already knows what he loves – light years ahead of where I was at that age.”

Richard Linklater

24 thoughts on “About / Contact”

  1. I am completely impressed with you. Your story-telling… your visualizations… your age! Where are you going?



    1. Thank you so much. I quite like my name as well. I was named after my grandfather. :)

      You’re name’s very interesting as well. “Sabatier” isn’t in the list of the few French names I’ve come across, although that might be more because of my ignorance than because of your name’s uniqueness. I certainly hope not!

  2. Well, my name is not unique at all, it’s quite common in France, actually. Lots of homonyms on Facebbok, even with my first name! Maybe I should create a group! What’s fun with that is I found another Julie Sabatier in the US, blue-haired woman, and quite a few things in common! Coincidences don’t exist, do they? :)

  3. i was stunned after reading your “about” section. It’s incredible. your talent. your art. your creativity. your visualization. your attitude. you age. and ‘you’ for that matter.

    i am 18 and i’m into graphic designing and photography. but you inspire me. i dont know how. you simply do.
    your magnetic works and art.!

    all the best =)

    1. Thank you so much, Manali. I’m blushing. :)

      But to be fair, we all have a tendency to make ourselves look the best we can on the internet, which is what I might have done.

      Is there anywhere I can see your work?

      1. blushing? hahaha =)

        well’ that’s the point. how well you look and seem in the first interaction. i believe in first impressions. And well, among all the people who try portraying themselves the best they can on the internet, you seem very interesting. So the best among the best.?!

        anyways, i talk a lot. So please ignore the unnecessary =)

        actually, i’m new to this site. So i don’t have much of my works here. But i’ll soon be uploading but not everything ofcourse.
        if you really want to see my work, where can i show you?

        have a good day.!

  4. I came because of Gravity alternative..Its hilarious..you have a real talent and creativity for film making which is lacking in most of the famous directors in India..keep up the good work..

    May the Force be with you :)

    1. I think there’s more to it than just the directors lacking talent and creativity–I suspect the industry’s a hard place to really make something of your own.

      But thank you anyway, and I appreciate the Star Wars reference. :)

  5. Thank you, Krishna– you are an artist in the true sense of the word. You have extraordinary talents. I have no doubt more amazing things will come your way.

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