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Okaasama Otousama – A Picture Book

Okaasama Otousama.

So this is exciting news! I illustrated a children’s book as part of my internship with Tulika Publishers, and it’s now for sale! My first published book.

The book, written by author Sandhya Rao, is “a joyful tribute to multilingualism that says Mother and Father in 18 different languages – from Japanese to Kikuyu, Spanish to Finnish, Tulu to Tagalog.”

Amma Appa (Tamil).
A spread from the book. Nana Baba (Kikuyu) and Baba Aai (Marathi).

A lot of research went into accurately depicting all kinds of details, from patterns and motifs on clothing to environments and facial features.

Thanthey Thaayi (Kannada).
The print.
A spread from the book.
Mami Papi (Spanish) and Matri Patri (Sicilian).

My goal was to sensitively portray the similarities and differences among families from all over the world, with a keen awareness of the fact that my images could possibly be a child’s introduction to this multitude of ethnicities and cultures. It was important to me that I depict this variety of cultures in a fun way that acknowledged their various differences without stereotyping or exaggerating anything, intentionally or unintentionally.

Aana Aata (Azeri Latin).
Matka Tata (Polish).

I’m happy to report that the print of the books being sold on stands is just beautiful. I’ve never seen my work in print reflect my original illustrations this well.


Some of the final pages.

You can buy a copy of the book at this link!

And if you’re interesting in looking at rough sketches, works-in-progress and rejected artwork, go to this page.

Book: “Follow That Crow!” (2012)

Prakash’s toy monkey, Moki, is taken from him by a crow. How far can Prakash go to rescue his only friend in the world?

A storybook I made for a project at college, the Storybook Lab. Our aim is to re-evaluate stereotypical notions of creating content for children who go to government and budget-private schools, and to design a collection of well-crafted storybooks that make the experience of reading enjoyable and meaningful.

The illustrations are pencil drawings which were scanned and then digitally colored.

For concept art, character designs, style experiments, et al, click here.

“It’s beautiful! Lovely story, and it looks great. Congratulations.”
          – Nina Paley, maker of “Sita Sings the Blues”

“This book is inspired. You are going places.”
          – Roger Ebert, Pulitzer Prize winning writer

Book: “GLASSES” (2011)

“Heartbreaking… and heartwarming. Subtle and powerful while seeming so simple. The prose and art work is flawless and so moving.”

– Roger Ebert on “Glasses”

My newest work is this graphic novel (or children’s book, rather) which tells a deeply personal story; a young boy explores his late father’s room for the first time in his life and has an important revelation.

Read “Glasses” in its entirety below. Make sure you check it out on full-screen.