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The Appa Series (III)

The best photograph I have ever clicked must be the one I snapped just after scattering my father’s bones in a river in Kerala. I was struck by how white the bones were, even after being burned and what not. Even though I found the whole experience of the rite immensely sad, I also found it beautiful in ways I cannot fully explain. I had to capture that moment, and the only device I had on me was an old Nokia cell phone. Just as well.

Just yesterday, I chanced upon the photograph and, again, was taken with its poignancy.

Using just that photograph (superimposing its mirror image on itself, having multiple copies of it laid over each other at different angles, inverting and changing the colors, etc.), I created these images on Photoshop.

Book: “GLASSES” (2011)

“Heartbreaking… and heartwarming. Subtle and powerful while seeming so simple. The prose and art work is flawless and so moving.”

– Roger Ebert on “Glasses”

My newest work is this graphic novel (or children’s book, rather) which tells a deeply personal story; a young boy explores his late father’s room for the first time in his life and has an important revelation.

Read “Glasses” in its entirety below. Make sure you check it out on full-screen.

The Appa Series (II)

The Appa Series (II), September 2011

2. The Cremation. Bones in the Water.

My father’s cremation was a difficult experience for all of us. That’s all I will say about that for now.

The bones at the bottom are actually my father’s bones at the bottom of a water body, from a photograph I clicked after throwing them into the water.

This is my first attempt at using Gimp to create digital art.

The Appa Series (I)

The Appa Series (I), February 2011

1. The Death. Going Up, Leaving the Hospital. Leaving Everything.

My father died on February 3rd, this year.

Then, something switched off in me. I wasn’t able to draw or paint, or write, or create anything. I realized it had something to do with my father’s death. The whole event and the emotions and feelings and thoughts related to it were always in my head. I figured I had to sort of get them out. Convert them into something meaningful. This is the first move in that direction. Water colors.